The Science of Getting Rich is the book for you.

This isn’t about getting rich quick — it’s about breaking free from the endless distractions and mindsets that keep you from awakening to the rich life you desire and deserve.

With dozens of resources, updated language for today’s creators and entrepreneurs, and extensive commentary on the creative process by Ryan J. Rhoades, this all new expanded edition of Wallace Wattles’ classic is an indispensable guide to developing a richer, fulfilling, and creative life.


There are essentially two ways to make money: through the creative method and the competitive one.

You will learn how to keep your focus on the creative process and building your dream life instead of stressing yourself out with all of the drama and noise that the world can throw at you.


One of the most important aspects of taking on any new project or idea is your mindset.

This book will help you to move away from the mindsets and thoughts that are keeping you broke and frustrated and into the ones that will help bring you out of those situations.


There are plenty of things you can do, right here and right now, that will start you on the path to achieving the goals that you desire. 

In The Science of Getting Rich, you’ll learn some of those steps and gain valuable wisdom for bringing your ideas to life. 

Want to start a business, a non-profit, or a project but aren’t sure where to even begin?

This book was written for you. It will help you navigate the uncertain waters that comes with entrepreneurship and making your ideas happen. This updated edition of the Wallace Wattles classic is full of inspiration, resources, and all-new commentary on how to bring your own ideas to life and redefining success on your terms.

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This book is my remix and expanded edition of the Wallace Wattles 1910 classic, The Science of Getting RichThere is a significant amount of new content and discussion of the creative process and how to go about manifesting and monetizing your own ideas.


The new version of the book includes numerous pages of my personal reading recommendations. They’re all books that have helped me and my team immensely with bridging the gap between ideas and reality…for everything from logos, videos, graphics, and websites to full scale branding projects, events, music projects, books, and businesses.


It includes a section for you to take your own notes so that you can record your progress, your own thoughts, goals, and plans. Once you’ve written out your goals it makes it much easier to see them through to completion and I have made sure there’s plenty of space for you to do so.


…and as a BONUS, I’ve added a section of helpful resources, websites, and organizations to aid you in your journey. The recommendations in this section include helpful websites for designing and building your own projects, local community organizations for developing your businesses, and other excellent and FREE learning platforms.

My goal is to help empower this generation of entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, creators, and big thinkers to bring their ideas to life and make a nice living for themselves and their loved ones at the same time. 

I believe that we can all leave this world at least a little better than we found it.

How? By inspiring and educating people just like you to pursue what you love and bring value and more awesome into the world.

This book is one of my contributions towards that goal.

The Science of Getting Rich is full of great ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on how to start making a living with your creativity.

…so order yours today and let’s get this party started!

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